Organic Facial Treatment

Enhancing Beauty Naturally

Bespoke facial to suit your individual skin needs. 

All products used are handmade, organic and natural. Most are blended at the appointment to tailor the treatment to your exact skin needs. 

Natural preparations are used in harmony with Japanese Acupressure massage and Ayurvedic facial massage techniques to encourage elimination of toxins, increase circulation, rejuvenate, heal, improve, brighten, smooth and balance skin tone. 

These techniques stimulate Tsubo Acupressure points without the use of needles.  

Warm Organic Muslin cloth, Eco friendly Tissues and Organic Cotton Wool are used to create a truly ‘green’ facial.

Skin is analysed and treatment plan discussed

Steam with Organic floral water

Cleanse with Organic Beauty Balm

Exfoliation with Organic Aloe Vera gel scrub

Mask mixed and applied, scalp or shoulder, arm massage or foot massage

Eastern Acupressure massage with facial oils

Cream moisturiser, eye gel and lip balm applied

All products are Organic and free from Chemicals, Alcohol, Artificial Fragrance, Colours and Preservatives

Organic Natural Beautiful Relaxation

Treatments available in a relaxing clinic setting or the comfort of your home.

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