• Image of 100% Organic Vegan Deodorant 75g
  • Image of 100% Organic Vegan Deodorant 75g

Organic Arrowroot for dryness with shea and coconut butters. Calendula and chamomile for sore and irritated skin. Carnauba wax provides a protection from wetness. In a handy plastic free push up pot, that is fully recyclable and compostable. Glides on easily with out dragging on the skin.

Soothing - Lavender and Patchouli for soothing and gentle deodorising
Fresh - Basil, Mint and Lime refreshing and zingy
Citrus - Lemongrass and cypress fruity and zesty

Always apply to clean dry skin. Lots of factors affect our body odour/perspiration rate, the more water you drink, monthly cycles for women, what we eat and drink.